The VSG Commerce™ (VSG) Managed Services team focuses on creating, monitoring and supporting production environments and managing post launch programs.  Experience matters.  When it comes to running your online business – be it marketing, search optimization, copywriting, translation, hands-on training, operational or technical – our team has the talent, passion and experience to build a foundation for future growth or support your existing site and application architecture.

We’ve been where you are. Not only have we been helping other companies for over a decade to keep their sites running and nimble, but we’ve also been customers in our past lives.  We have been responsible for keeping our company’s commerce sites running smoothly and taking orders plus adding many new functionalities requested by business teams.

Our focus is the ongoing support, training and maintenance of your solutions within your business environment.  We provide 24/7 Application Monitoring & Support, Deployment Management and Performance Tuning – such as – enhancements, content and promotional changes – of Oracle Commerce and ERP solutions, Sitecore Commerce, and Magento solutions.

Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

“VSG Commerce Managed Services is an amazing asset. We consider them an extension of our team. We have limited resources, and the value proposition they provide in supporting our web site is second to none.  They are proactive and hyper-responsive as they managed our highest traffic spikes during cyber week and the holiday season without a blink.”

William Perez
Chief Information Officer,

The VSG Managed Services team continually and effectively updates and optimizes your website to provide you with the best in Commerce technology.

Contact us or give us a call to discuss how VSG can support your production environment.  847-854-5990 ext 102.