Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.3



VSG Commerce continues to be a leading content and commerce partner specializing in digital user experience, content delivery and commerce.  We take great pride in creating online experiences which improve brand awareness, customer satisfaction and revenue.  As part of VSG Commerce’s Thought Leadership Series, we wanted to point out a few areas that we feel are important to our clients with Sitecore’s latest release of XC 9.3.

For the past 2 years starting with Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) 9.0 we have seen what Sitecore can bring to the table with the Sitecore commerce engine. Each new release and update of XC continue to bring more and more storefront functionality, with promises to offer even more with each iteration. Sitecore’s latest release of XC 9.3 is no exception and offers even more power to customers looking to grow their ecommerce presence.

Reimagining the Commerce Cache from the Ground Up

With the latest release commerce for 9.3 we see some big changes with how things scale within Sitecore – most notably caching. In order to take customer experience to the next level, Sitecore revisited how they approach serving up larger catalog offerings and how the storefront brings that information to the customer. This was done by centralizing the commerce cache within Redis. With Redis, Sitecore can allow for larger, more complex catalog structures without requiring rigorous cache design and management.

Merchandising at the Speed of Light

For Sitecore XC 9.3 the product catalog isn’t the only place we see improvements around performance. In the past, searching for information as a merchandiser within the commerce Business Tools would be exhaustive for those with a larger selection of products. With the changes to how Sitecore handles fetching information for merchandisers, promotion authors, and customer service reps – anyone that works within the commerce business tools will notice a significant boost of speed when searching for the data they need. Faster tools mean faster time to market with new inventory and promotional offers.

Your company can benefit from VSG Commerce’s years of experience and success.  We’ve poured it all into our VSG Commerce Accelerator for Sitecore – to ensure that you start well ahead of the competition.  Interested in seeing this solution in action?  Give us a call today to schedule a demo.  847-854-5990, ext 102.


Commerce Accelerator for Oracle


Get there faster


For over a decade, VSG Commerce™ (VSG) has been a leading content and commerce partner focused on launching clients with world-class solutions.  We know how hard it can be to navigate all your competing priorities and every stakeholder’s technology requirements, and then drive it all to one cohesive site.  It’s even harder to do it fast and efficiently.  That’s why clients trust our Commerce Accelerator for Oracle that helps you launch your site in a fraction of the time, allowing you to get to market quickly and efficiently.

When adding new capabilities or entirely new websites, speed to market is an absolute must.

The VSG Commerce Accelerator service delivers extensive commerce functionality … fast. By minimizing the time it takes to launch online commerce solutions, we help clients maximize their results and return on investment. A proven methodology with clearly defined scope, deliverables, milestones and budgets provides confidence in the core VSG Lines of Business.

Digital Services

Strategic Consulting | Creative Design | User Experience | Marketing

Our digital team looks at companies through a user experience lens to identify opportunities that transform the way they interact with their customers.  We deliver strategic roadmaps, creative designs and plans that guide our clients’ long-term enterprise investment.

Implementation Services

Project Management | Functional Design |  Solution Architecture | Technical Design | Development | Integration Delivery | Quality Assurance

We provide the services required to deliver your project on-time, on-budget with exceptional quality.  Our project methodology is delivered in a hybrid Waterfall/Agile approach to ensure interactive reviews and client sign-off.  Our combined teams understand how best to extend and integrate into your Oracle and Third-party investments.

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Our focus is the ongoing support, training and maintenance of your solutions within your business environment.  We provide 24/7 Application Monitoring & Support, Deployment Management and Performance Tuning of the Oracle Commerce and ERP solutions under our expanded partnership.

You can benefit from our years of experience and success.  We’ve poured it all into our VSG Commerce Accelerator for Oracle – to ensure that you start well ahead of the competition.

Interested in seeing this solution in action?  Give us a call today to schedule a demo.  847-854-5990 ext 297.