Do you have a jungle gym of websites to manage? 

Have more URLs, multiple digital commerce sites and employee intranet sites than you can handle?

An online presence with so many elements can feel like the maze of a jungle gym.  Just as you conquer one area, you discover that there are many other directions you can now go.  Your decisions and challenges seem to multiply:

  • How can you develop, maintain, and deploy numerous websites efficiently?
  • How do you avoid duplication of efforts and unnecessary expenditures?
  • How do you maintain consistency and ensure quality when you have many people involved with different priorities?

The answer:  Unify all your online channels with a centralized solution.

At VSG Commerce™ (VSG), we encourage clients to use Oracle’s Commerce Cloud solution which provides a unified multi-site solution to allow for sharing of commerce and personalization resources between sites.  This approach offers:

  • A foundation for site development, which makes creating and maintaining new sites more efficient and less expensive.
  • A common groundwork for all sites with flexibility to manage and respond to different line-of-business requirements – for both internal and external sites.

By this approach, companies can manage hundreds or thousands of websites by distributing responsibilities among key areas within the business such as:

  • Centralizing the site architecture, navigation and presentation.
  • Distributing site development, deployment and ongoing management tasks to the business units.
  • Allowing content owners the ability to easily add, change and approve within their websites.

This solution sets the stage for improved productivity, expeditious time to market, decreased development and maintenance costs, and uniform branding across multiple sites.  In short, it’s a way to build a roadmap through your company’s digital commerce jungle gym.  To learn more, contact VSG today. 847-854-5990.