Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming in November. Will you be ready?


          REDUCE RISK


Here are some areas in which VSG Commerce™ can help you get prepared:

Handle Increased Web Traffic

  • Add a CDN:  Adding or reviewing your current CDN configuration can reduce load across your entire server stack.
  • Review caching:  Reviewing your caching strategy at every stage can have a significant impact on reducing server load, as well as speed.
  • Monitor the site:  Application logging and server health monitoring allows you to be aware of negative trends and resolve them quickly.
  • Check session limits:  If reaching maximums, then request increases.
  • Clean up logs:  Cleaning up log files and other unused files will help improve the overall site performance.

Reduce Risk

  • Define a code freeze date:  Concentrate on sales, not site changes, during peak holiday season.
  • Perform load testing:  Ensure your site can handle the increased traffic of Q4, especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday, without crashing.
  • Perform integration testing:  Reviewing and reducing any integration weak points will help ensure the speed and reliability of your website.
  • Ensure site security:  Review PCI compliance and tokenization to help prevent data breaches.
  • Have a plan for everything:  Preparation of plans for triage, traffic, outage, integration, communication and escalation is one of the most important things you can do to make your holiday season go smoothly.

Business Continuity Plan

  • Define backup strategy:  Backups are extremely important, but they take CPU, disk and I/O to process. During the holidays, you should review and optimize the backup type and frequency.
  • Plan batch process strategy:  Reviewing, and either disabling completely, or reducing the frequency of your data loads will allow your site cache to do its job.
  • Optimize for mobile:  Ensure your mobile site design promotes usability and simplicity to drive conversions.


PREPARE NOW – call VSGCommerce™ to help ensure you are HOLIDAY READY!  847-854-5990 ext 232.