Good things come in 3’s! 

VSG is excited to announce that we launched 3 new Oracle Commerce Cloud sites in the past month!  Our spotlight this month is on a client where integrating an IBM I5 ERP system with OCC was essential to the project.

Enabling Commerce with Oracle Commerce Cloud



Bradley Caldwell, Inc. (BCI) is a wholesale distributor selling B2B exclusively through its 3,000 accounts.  The company offers full product lines in 8 different categories:

  • Pet
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • Pest Control
  • Tools & Fencing
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Wild Bird & Wildlife
  • Veterinary
  • Equine & Livestock

With 23,000 stocked items and an annual introduction of 6,000 to 8,000 new SKUs, BCI strives to meet the needs of the customers quickly and efficiently.  Additionally, the company has 65,000 items it sells through various Drop-Ship programs.


The site was launched on Oracle’s Commerce Cloud (OCC) platform to quickly and easily:

  • Update the company’s online presence
  • Grow their customer base
  • Implement commerce
  • Enhance content management functionality
  • Integrate between the IBM I5 ERP system and OCC

During the project, category lines were condensed into 4 top categories:  Pet, Equine, Lawn & Garden and Farm & Home for clarity and ease of search.  Additionally, while developing the integration between the OCC and I5 ERP systems, VSG Commerce™ (VSG) and BCI worked together to ensure catalog and account data was efficiently organized and consistent.


BCI partnered with VSG Commerce to design, develop and implement the Oracle Commerce Cloud solution.  With the source of truth for both data and functional processing being an IBM I5 ERP system, BCI worked with VSG to develop the needed integration between the I5 and OCC.

VSG Commerce was engaged to:

  • Enable commerce functionality with Quick Order capabilities that allows dealers to place orders quickly and easily
  • Rework the catalog taxonomy for greater clarity and organization as BCI condensed their 8 main categories down to 4
  • Introduce Mobile scanner functionality to allow dealers to use their smart phone cameras to scan codes of items and add them to their cart
  • Enhance search capabilities including type ahead search and refinements on listing and search pages
  • Enable a registration process for BCI dealers and vendors, helping to grow the business
  • Create project list and project list share functionality for easy re-ordering of repeat products by BCI dealers
  • Build REST services on the I5 ERP that communicate with the OCC for catalog and account data such as actual account information, account-specific pricing, order and invoice history.

Please contact us for more information or a demo at (847-854-5990 ext 232).