Sitecore’s Creative Exchange

Leveraging Sitecore’s Creative Exchange

For Version 9 and its latest iterations, Sitecore continues to deliver updates to their Experience Accelerator (SXA) toolbox. The Sitecore Creative Exchange is a new feature that allows front-end developers to work on a site’s look and feel without needing intimate knowledge of the platform. This gives businesses more ways to utilize what Sitecore offers in terms of design collaboration.

By utilizing Sitecore Creative Exchange, front-end developers can decouple the design process from the application by exporting a theme and html on which they can then work. A UI developer can take the code generated by the theme export process, work on applying new stylesheets and JavaScript, and then import the theme back into Sitecore for use on an SXA site.

Using Creative Exchange adds a valuable avenue for collaboration between teams that may not have deep working experience with the Sitecore platform, while also utilizing SXA’s creative capabilities to its fullest. In addition, creating themes within Sitecore has the benefit of utilizing SXA’s robust asset optimization and minification.




Creative Exchange Live

When developing to implement and extend Sitecore’s Experience Accelerator, the more you put into SXA the more you can get out of it. Typically creating a new theme from scratch can be time consuming as it involves working within both the content and experience editor UI. To speed up the process for developers, Sitecore also continues to build upon their command line interface (CLI).

For developers this means the capability of automating changes to themes or other SXA components via Creative Exchange Live (CEL). This gives the ability to not only automate updates to SXA but also enable creative exchange to be hooked into a continuous integration workflow.

Enabling CEL means developers can not only automate updates to SXA and themes, but also tie in source control and approval workflows. A developer familiar with working with Node.js and Gulp can seamlessly integrate the scripts necessary into their deployment workflow to allow for updates to any theme code without impacting the core application.

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Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.3



VSG Commerce continues to be a leading content and commerce partner specializing in digital user experience, content delivery and commerce.  We take great pride in creating online experiences which improve brand awareness, customer satisfaction and revenue.  As part of VSG Commerce’s Thought Leadership Series, we wanted to point out a few areas that we feel are important to our clients with Sitecore’s latest release of XC 9.3.

For the past 2 years starting with Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) 9.0 we have seen what Sitecore can bring to the table with the Sitecore commerce engine. Each new release and update of XC continue to bring more and more storefront functionality, with promises to offer even more with each iteration. Sitecore’s latest release of XC 9.3 is no exception and offers even more power to customers looking to grow their ecommerce presence.

Reimagining the Commerce Cache from the Ground Up

With the latest release commerce for 9.3 we see some big changes with how things scale within Sitecore – most notably caching. In order to take customer experience to the next level, Sitecore revisited how they approach serving up larger catalog offerings and how the storefront brings that information to the customer. This was done by centralizing the commerce cache within Redis. With Redis, Sitecore can allow for larger, more complex catalog structures without requiring rigorous cache design and management.

Merchandising at the Speed of Light

For Sitecore XC 9.3 the product catalog isn’t the only place we see improvements around performance. In the past, searching for information as a merchandiser within the commerce Business Tools would be exhaustive for those with a larger selection of products. With the changes to how Sitecore handles fetching information for merchandisers, promotion authors, and customer service reps – anyone that works within the commerce business tools will notice a significant boost of speed when searching for the data they need. Faster tools mean faster time to market with new inventory and promotional offers.

Your company can benefit from VSG Commerce’s years of experience and success.  We’ve poured it all into our VSG Commerce Accelerator for Sitecore – to ensure that you start well ahead of the competition.  Interested in seeing this solution in action?  Give us a call today to schedule a demo.  847-854-5990, ext 102.


Accelerator for Sitecore

Launch your site with Sitecore

Experience Commerce in 90 days!

We’ll show you the way to results!

Although retailers vary wildly on the features they would add to an online commerce implementation, they’re unanimous on what to subtract. Time and cost. But how can you possibly get more functionality for less time and money? 

VSG Commerce™ (VSG) has created the solution:  the VSG Commerce Accelerator for Sitecore – which is a pre-built, pre-hosted website that is quality-tested and nearly complete.  You just add your brand’s imagery, catalog and content along with any existing ERP and third-party integrations and your unique, branded, feature-rich site is ready to hit the market.  The process takes around half the time of a typical online commerce implementation, and with substantial cost savings as well.

Whether you are considering a new Sitecore Experience Commerce solution or looking to upgrade from a previous version, VSG can accelerate the development of your next online commerce site.

Our Commerce Accelerator for Sitecore features:

  • The latest in expected B2C and B2B functionality
  • Best-practice design principles
  • Easy-to-use business maintenance tools
  • Industry-leading hosting and technology
  • Custom branding and personalization functionality
  • Significant cost savings from pre-built, pre-tested functionality
  • A selection of third-party options for ratings and reviews, social media,
    payment processing, tag management, analytics and address verification

…all focused on achieving higher conversion rates from your customers.

VSG is a Sitecore Gold Level Partner with a history of implementations for consumers and businesses.  Our VSG Commerce Accelerator for Sitecore enables both B2C and B2B companies to create high-end websites quickly and cost-effectively.

For the B2C Company:

Custom site design:

Highlights of the VSG Commerce Accelerator include custom site design capabilities, key usability improvements, personalization scenarios and targeted marketing, all demonstrating effective ways to drive higher conversions. 

Multi-site architecture

Multi-site architecture and administration tools allow merchants to easily share resources such as carts, catalogs, promotions, software components, and integrations across sites

Responsive site design and social media:

Responsive site design and social media are leveraged in the solution to show an integrated, unified, cross-channel platform.

For the B2B Company:


B2B customers require self-service access to a complex range of information – such as order approvals, order history, order sheets, replenishment cycles, contract terms, multiple ship-to management, customer establishment and purchase authorizations. Through options such as self-service, real-time chat and voice services, organizations can resolve issues quickly and recognize each customer as an individual to create a stronger, more profitable relationship.

Segmentation & Personalization: 

VSG’s solution allows targeting of customers with effective content – such as offers, useful information and promotions – to help drive business based on data such as role, customer size, business unit, browsing behavior, buying cycle state, purchase history, account history, website and call center interactions, demographic information and more.

When adding new capabilities or entirely new websites, speed to market is an absolute must. You can benefit from our years of experience and success.  We’ve poured it all into our VSG Commerce Accelerator for Sitecore – to ensure that you start well ahead of the competition.

 Interested in seeing this solution in action?  Give us a call today to schedule a demo.  847-854-5990 ext 102.