Sitecore’s Creative Exchange

Leveraging Sitecore’s Creative Exchange

For Version 9 and its latest iterations, Sitecore continues to deliver updates to their Experience Accelerator (SXA) toolbox. The Sitecore Creative Exchange is a new feature that allows front-end developers to work on a site’s look and feel without needing intimate knowledge of the platform. This gives businesses more ways to utilize what Sitecore offers in terms of design collaboration.

By utilizing Sitecore Creative Exchange, front-end developers can decouple the design process from the application by exporting a theme and html on which they can then work. A UI developer can take the code generated by the theme export process, work on applying new stylesheets and JavaScript, and then import the theme back into Sitecore for use on an SXA site.

Using Creative Exchange adds a valuable avenue for collaboration between teams that may not have deep working experience with the Sitecore platform, while also utilizing SXA’s creative capabilities to its fullest. In addition, creating themes within Sitecore has the benefit of utilizing SXA’s robust asset optimization and minification.




Creative Exchange Live

When developing to implement and extend Sitecore’s Experience Accelerator, the more you put into SXA the more you can get out of it. Typically creating a new theme from scratch can be time consuming as it involves working within both the content and experience editor UI. To speed up the process for developers, Sitecore also continues to build upon their command line interface (CLI).

For developers this means the capability of automating changes to themes or other SXA components via Creative Exchange Live (CEL). This gives the ability to not only automate updates to SXA but also enable creative exchange to be hooked into a continuous integration workflow.

Enabling CEL means developers can not only automate updates to SXA and themes, but also tie in source control and approval workflows. A developer familiar with working with Node.js and Gulp can seamlessly integrate the scripts necessary into their deployment workflow to allow for updates to any theme code without impacting the core application.

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