What’s New with 18D?

Oracle’s Commerce Cloud (OCC) 18D upgrade is now available.  Here is a link to all that is included in this upgrade.  We wanted to point out the 2 areas that we feel are most important to our clients:

  • Support for Multiple Catalogs
  • Search Data

Support for Multiple Catalogs:

Oracle’s description of this new functionality is:  Manage independent catalogs for brand sites or other sites that have unique catalog hierarchies. Includes support for truly unassigned products and collections, linking collections across multiple catalogs, and allowing a collection to exist multiple times in the same catalog hierarchy.

What does this mean for our clients?

The requirement to have one master catalog that drives the organization and definitions of products on every child catalog is no longer true starting with the 18D release.  Each site or B2B customer can have their own independent catalog that can be defined and organized in any way desired, and products can be unique between those catalogs.  An independent catalog can contain links to collections and products that are already in other catalogs, or it can contain collections and products that are not associated with any other catalogs.  As catalogs grow, management of them can become complex.   The benefit of the 18D release is that independent catalogs for different sites/customers decrease the administrative burden for companies with large catalogs.

Search Data:

Oracle’s description of this new functionality is:  The Search Data API now allows merchants to upload any structured data as JSON and it is indexed automatically, making it accessible via all of the advanced search and navigation capabilities of OCC Search. This allows for non-catalog data to be indexed and presented in search results, so that shoppers can find and navigate content, such as buying guides, store locations, customer service and marketing content.

What does this mean for our clients?

The benefit of the 18D release is that businesses can upload JSON files that contain information in external content repositories.  For example, if you have additional product data in an external data system, that information can be extracted, put into JSON and uploaded into OCC.  This allows users to search through that data as easily as they search for products today. This cuts down on the effort needed to get articles, guides, and other content into the catalog so that it is searchable.  Now this content can be uploaded and indexed automatically, and it becomes searchable just as if it’s in the catalog.

Have more questions?  Give us a call at 847-854-5990 ext 232 to discuss this upgrade in greater detail.

2018 Year in Review

It’s hard to believe 2018 is already over and we are starting a New Year!

This past year brought with it many successes and we attribute these to our client partnerships and the great people and processes with which we worked in 2018.

We at VSG Commerce™ (VSG) look forward to 2019 and focusing on our objectives of building customer-centric experiences, extending commerce platforms and supporting production environments to grow revenues for our clients.

We look forward to working hard and creating new successes in 2019 and beyond for our clients.

Let’s take a look at some of our 2018 Successes:

Saving Seconds Saves Lives:  Our client, a large supplier of medical supplies, launched a site tailored to Emergency Medical Services personnel.  Every second counts to EMS professionals and that is why a site was created specifically for them, making it easier to find needed supplies, manage their orders and get back to their job of saving lives.

Simplified Self Service:  A leader in medical technology launched Phase 2 of their site this Spring in which they prioritized building stronger customer self-service functionality.  Recognizing that time is the scarcest resource for their clients, they have worked to simplify procedures and products to eliminate unnecessary steps, allowing surgeons to concentrate on providing the best in patient care.

Balance of Style and Function:  Inspiring beautiful design on the outside and trusted performance on the inside is what our client, a leader in kitchen and bath faucets, bath accessories and shower systems, does best.  Their website launched this summer to match these traits with a balance of style and function.  The redesigned site provides users a consistent experience with clear Call-To-Actions providing an efficient path to product information and other relevant content.

The Secret Code:  To meet their company-wide commitment of providing quality equipment, supplies and services for coding and marking solutions, our client launched two new shopping sites this past summer.  These sites were launched on Oracle Commerce Cloud to provide a stronger self-service experience for their customers, allowing more time for customer support resources to drive activities that impact revenue.

Commerce Enabled:  With their new commerce enabled site, our client’s users have been thrilled with the clarity and ease of search. This updated site went live this summer, helping distributors purchase more quickly and efficiently via functionality such as a streamlined catalog and enhanced search as well as Mobile scanner and project list capabilities.

Hot Off the Press!:  A world leader in the design and manufacture of technology that produces outstanding print quality launched their new site this fall.  It rolled out in 2 phases with the first phase being Marketing quickly followed by Commerce.  With the improved design and content management along with the commerce upgrades, users can quickly and easily find what they need for the maintenance and day-to-day operations of their presses.

Personalized Service and Support:  Building upon their initial site launch that introduced personalized B2C and B2B sites, this specialty food distributor launched subsequent phases in which checkout, major integrations and rollouts of strategic regions were implemented.  Currently serving double digit brands on their site via many shipping locations with 200 million unique pricing records, our client is meeting customer expectations and is poised to take things to the next level in 2019.

To learn how VSG and the Oracle Commerce platform can help you grow your eCommerce channel in 2019 and beyond, contact VSG today or call 847-854-5990 x232.